What is the purpose of a refinance? Refinancing exists to help people change their payments to be more affordable, pull equity out of their home, or to save money now or in the future. Our business is helping people get into homes and generating wealth as a result of that. Debt can be positive or negative dependent on how it is used, so if we help you get a home our job is to make it as affordable as possible. Refinancing at some point in the future can help our clients do that.

Refinancing can be broken into different categories:

•  Lowering your monthly payment in some shape or fashion (examples: rate and term refinance- to lower the interest rate or adjust your term up or down in length of years, and remove mortgage insurance)

•  Pulling equity out of your home (you can do a cash out refinance or you can do a home equity line of credit)

•  Changing your loan type (going from an FHA loan to a conventional loan, or from a non-QM loan to a conventional)

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